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  • To establish long term relationships with our clients and suppliers, setting up a “partner” philosophy.
  • To strengthen our competitiveness through an innovative attitude regarding products and processes.
  • To invest in our professionals’ training.
  • Sustainability commitment with the environment.
  • To continue with our historical corporative reliability and honesty.


We intend to be recognized as a model company because of the value contribution in the markets we act in. This value is based in the lining up of our integrity, efficient service and technical solvency.


Our values are based in our founder’s ones:

  • Passion for the job well done.
  • Integrity in all our business relationships.
  • Honesty and respect for commitments acquired.


  • Mutual respect and teamwork.
  • To do what we say that we want to do.
  • Service vocation.
  • To create confidence in clients and suppliers.
  • Proximity of the directors with their employees.


THE 50´S

In the 50´s, Antonio Tarazona, helped by his wife Carmen Soriano and two employees, started his business activity in the town of Paiporta (Valencia) doing agricultural treatments in a local sphere.

THE 80´s

In 1984 the final trademark is settled: ANTONIO TARAZONA. The company moves to its current location in Silla (Valencia) and distribution agreements are signed so it is consolidated as member of the reference group in the Spanish fertilizers market.
Furthermore, significant investments were made in facilities and the company begins its territorial expansion to other provinces of Spain.

THE 2000’s…

After becoming established into a reference company in the regionally fertilizer sector, Tarazona suffer its greatest revolution in all levels. The death of its founder in 2007 will bring a generational change which will cause too many changes and even more growth.

The new implemented policies opt for territorial expansion and business diversification. The release of industrial additives and animal nutrition lines, the inauguration of the first AdBlue® production plant in Spain, the sales increase in several countries, the recent creation of a subsidiary in Morocco and the development of TARATECH line are some of the most important events that have taken place.


You are the most important for us, so the over 100 people that make up Tarazona’s current workforce, work thinking of you, to offer you better products and services every day.

“Our challenge is to create a reference company in the markets we operate in by asserting our values, passion for work, integrity and honesty in business, so we are making up a great human team in which we are placing all our trust “

Executive Management



“Every day we exert ourselves for getting your maximum satisfaction and keeping the confidence you have put in us”

Abel Moreno
Administration Manager



“We offer you high quality products, respecting the environment and taking care of our workers safety ”

Vanesa Prósper
Quality Control Manager

“We try carefully all the raw materials we use because they establish the final product quality that we offer you”

José María Pareja
Purchasing Manager


“We know how important is for you to receive your order and we are concerned about delivering it to you in time”

Francisco Pina
Logistics Manager

“We have developed an exhaustive preventive maintenance plan to enhance our processes, reduce the intervention times and not affect delivery”

Julián Navaro 
Maintenance Manager


“We pay attention to all the details to make sure that you are completely satisfied”

Mar Miravalls
Marketing Manager


“We manage the operations globally to offer you an excellent service”

José Luis Montañés
Operations Manager


“Our technical team always looks for the best solution for your needs”

Ángel Marzal
Agricultural Sales Manager


“We help you to increase the added value of your products by offering personalized technical advice, immediate answers to your queries and permanent stock”

José María Pareja
Industrial Sales Manager


“We manufacture specific products that optimize our fertilization cost under a premise: sustainability”

Jorge García
Production Manager


“We export our work ethics and our passion for this business to the foreign markets”

David Candil
Export Manager


You are in our minds when we work


Our facilities are located in the town of Silla (Valencia) and have an area of 50,000m2. They are strategically located as operations centre to make easier the distribution of big quantities of merchandises through maritime transport, road transport and train.


Area……………….45.000 m2


  • 4 packaging and palletizing lines
  • 2 big bag packaging lines
  • 4 shrinking packaging lines
  • 3 stations for blending productions
  • 12 forklifts
  • 5 bucket loaders
  • 5 trucks

All these resources along with the knowledge and experience of our technical team in the handling of solid products, give us the capability to deliver 2,500 tons/day of finished products and to receive 8,000 tons/day of raw material.


Area…………………5.000 m2


  • 2 production lines
  • 1 packaging line for 10 to 20 liters carafes
  • 2 packaging lines for 1000 liter GRG 

Storage capacity: 2.200 m3

Thanks to automation and the latest technology settle in our liquid plant, we can manufacture 400 tons/day of any solution covering all processing stages and we can deliver up to 500 tons of finished product per day.

In addition, the investments we make in research and development of liquid fertilizers provide a bonus to our products quality which coupled with our technique and service has made ​​us a benchmark supplier in the sector.

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In Tarazona we are concerned for the planet’s health.
This is why we work actively in the development of products which reduce the environmental impact to minimize the contamination of the atmosphere, soils and aquifers. Moreover, our facilities have solar wafers through which is generated all the energy we need for carrying out our daily activity.
The ISO 14001:2004 certification of Environmental Management shows our daily commitment with the planet. We carry out our activity based on the respect for the environment, through sustainable criteria and promoting the sensitivity about the environment care amongst our collaborators, suppliers and employees.

icon calidad

Tarazona’s brand is a quality guarantee.
In Tarazona we improve for you and that’s why we have developed our own systems of production control to make sure that we provide you with high quality products.
Our lab team carries out exhaustive post-production tests and checks all the plant processes with the objective that all our products arrive to you in the best condition.
The wish of self-improvement which motivates our day-to-day drives all the areas to consolidate systems of continuous improvement that continues increasing our products quality and services, as it is recognized in our ISO 9002:2008 certification of Quality Management.
In addition, we are also certified as a manufacturer of fertilizers according to RD 506/2013.

icon solvencia

Our service philosophy is based in offering you a confidence relationship and continuous assistance.

With the aim to continue improving the service that we offer you, we have increased more than 60% our workforce in the last three years, which has increased the number of staff with higher qualifications to 12%.

The knowledge of all our technicians and the over 50 years of experience that we have in the fertilizers sector entitle us to offer you an excellent service which solves your needs in a quick and efficient way.
This way, the combination of product and service that we offer you allows us to give solution to any problem that can appear to you, making us becoming the best option in the market.


In Tarazona we work actively for security at all the stages. We want to contribute to the recovery of the health and the environment and to achieve a safe working environment.

That’s why we work with raw material that meets the REACH European rules and we have committed to reduce occupational risks having as objective the number of zero accidents.

REACH promotes the creation and transmission of information about chemical substances and their associated risks and gives to the manufacturers, importers and intermediate users the responsibility for managing the associated risks to the chemical substances, to guarantee that there are only manufactured, sold or used substances that don’t affect negatively to human health or to the environment.

On the other hand, we invest in our employee’s continuous training about how developing their tasks avoiding risks, first aid knowledge and for improving the reaction when an emergency happens.



Our quality, environmental and occupational risks prevention policy,
and our fertilizers, quality and environmental certificates are at your disposal.
To request them, please fill the following form.

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