"Thanks to Fertilosophy®, we are helping to promote a cleaner industry and to produce food in a more sustainable and efficient way."

Who are we?

We are a family-owned company founded by Mr. Antonio Tarazona Valero in the 50’s, with national and international presence. We work in two of the main economic engines, the primary and the industrial sector.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products of high added value for the crops’ nutrition and protection, as well as additives for several industrial sectors.

Thanks to our founder’s values we are still a company committed to society, with an innovative character, with a sense of self-improvement, which does not cease in the search for continuous improvement in a sustainable and efficient way.

Corporate identity


TARAZONA’s mission is to help farmers to contribute to food production in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way through Fertilosophy, as well as to provide the industrial sector with competitive, innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.


To be recognized as a benchmark company providing value in an efficient and sustainable way, in all the markets where we operate in.


Our values are based on our founder’s ones:

  • Passion for a well-done work.
  • Integrity in all business relationships.
  • Honesty and respect and respect for our commitments.


  • To apply Fertilosophy in our daily activities.
  • Mutual respect and teamwork.
  • To be faithful to our commitments.
  • Excellence in service.
  • Respect for customers and suppliers throughout the value chain.
  • To seek maximum efficiency while respecting 360 sustainability.
  • To contribute to society in an efficient and sustainable way.
  • To seek efficiency and sustainability in all our activities.
  • To strengthen our competitiveness through an innovative attitude in the development of new processes and solutions.

Our experience

The beggining
Antonio Tarazona, Carmen Soriano (his wife) and two employees start their activity in Paiporta (Valencia) carrying out agricultural treatments.
First company
Antonio Tarazona Valero is incorporated.
First Growth
Relocation to new facilities in Silla and investment in new installations. Signature of distribution agreements.
Generational handover
Founder’s decease and generational handover.
Inauguration of the Taratech biostimulant plant.
Lab R+D+I
In 2020 inauguration of the cutting-edge benchmark laboratory.
First shop in Paiporta.
One more step
The final name Antonio Tarazona is settled.
Image change
Image is changed and current logo is created.
Industrial division launch
Diversification and launch of the industrial additives line.
Crystalline fertilizers
Inauguration of the Krystafeed crystalline fertilizer plant.
• We keep growing in green together!


For us, the most important thing is you, that’s why the more than 100 people who make up the current team work thinking of you, to offer you better products and a higher quality service every day.

“Our challenge is to create a company that is a benchmark in the different markets in which we operate, upholding our values of passion for work, integrity and honesty in business. To achieve this, we are building a great team in which we are placing all our trust

Board of Directors

“We have been a company that has always been able to adapt to change. Now, my purpose is to improve the quality of people’s lives by improving environmental sustainability through Fertilosofia®

Dani Tarazona


“We have been a company that has always been able to adapt to change. Now, my purpose is to improve the quality of people's lives by improving environmental sustainability through Fertilosofia®

Dani Tarazona

Agriculture Division General Manager

“In a sector as diversified and demanding as the industrial sector, the contribution of integral and sustainable solutions for our customers is the main differentiating factor”

José María Pareja

Industrial Division General Manager

“Our efforts as a team are also aimed at achieving the maximum satisfaction of our customers and to improve the trust they place in us every day”

Abel Moreno

Chief Financial Officer and GS

“Our presence is growing, we are convinced and ready to bring more value, both to our distributors and to the whole agricultural sector, including farmers”

Miguel Tapias

Agriculture Sales Manager

“The constant search for solutions to meet the sector needs, always providing added value and going into detail, are part of our DNA”

Alberto de la Peña

Marketing Manager

“We manage operations globally to provide you with efficient and sustainable products that optimize your fertilization costs”

Jorge García

Operations Manager

“Nothing is impossible, only more or less probable. In Tarazona we optimize technical management, seeking the highest probability of success for each project.”

Gianluca Valieri

Technical Manager

“We actively work to maintain maximum efficiency while caring for the safety of our employees”

Sara Díez

Occupational Risk Prevention Manager

“We help you to increase the added value of your products by offering you personalized technical advice, immediate answers to your queries and permanent stock”

Arnau Vidal

Industrial Sales Manager

“We carefully choose the raw materials we use because they determine the quality of the final product that we offer you”

José Manuel Vicente

Purchase Manager

“We have developed a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan to improve our processes, reduce intervention times and do not affect delivery”

Julián Navarro

Maintenance Manager

“We know how important it is for you to receive your order and we take care to deliver it just in time”

Cristina Díez

Logistics Manager

“Our aim is to plan production efficiently and effectively to produce your orders”

Cristian Carabias

Production Manager


Welcome to our home

We are located in Silla (Valencia) and our facilities have a surface area of 55,000m2 designed to meet the agricultural and industrial sector needs. Thanks to our location, we are connected to the main road transport routes and very close to the port of Valencia, through which we provide service to national and international markets. In addition, we have two off-site centres, one logistics centre to serve Andalucía (south of Spain) and another production centre in Castilla y León to serve the North of Spain.

R+D+i Center - Laboratory

Inaugurated in 2020, it is a modern and cutting-edge laboratory.

We have based our growth on the continuous effort to innovate and search for solutions and new products, which is why we have designed the new laboratory. We have state-of-the-art equipment to carry out quality controls and the development and R+D+I of new efficient and sustainable solutions.

In addition, to enhance the analytical capacity we have different cutting-edge chromatography equipment.

Biostimulants plant

Inaugurated in 2016, it has the capacity to produce the different solutions of our wide catalogue, both solid and liquid.

We also have two packaging lines that give us the possibility of packaging liquids in formats ranging from half a litre to 1,000-liter IBCs, so we offer great versatility throughout our range of biostimulants, adapting to the needs required by the end user.

Solid fertilizers plant

We have 2 facilities for the production of blends with inhibitio (TARALENT®), as well as 2 fully automated packaging stations, 3 Big Bag packaging lines (one of which is exclusively dedicated to the Industrial line) and a new plant for the manufacture of crystalline fertilizers. This new facility inaugurated in 2017 has highlighted the three fundamental pillars of the reputation of our KRYSTAFEED® brand: exhaustive quality control of raw materials, process precision to guarantee the declared contents and innovation in packaging.

Safe work

In Tarazona we actively work for safety at all levels. We want to contribute to the improvement of health and the environment and to achieve a safe working environment. That is why we work with raw materials that meet with the European REACH regulation and we are committed to reduce occupational risks by setting ourselves the goal of achieving zero accidents.

REACH encourages the transmission and creation of information of chemical substances and their associated risks and places responsibility on manufacturers, importers and downstream users to manage the risks associated with chemical substances, ensuring that they only manufacture, market or use substances that do not adversely affect human health or the environment.

In addition, we invest in continuous training for our employees, on how to carry out their tasks in order to avoid risks, first aid and to improve the response to emergencies that may arise.

Our quality, environmental and occupational risk prevention policy and our equality policy are available for you.
To request them, please fill in the following form.

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      – Responsible for the data: ANTONIO TARAZONA S.L.U.
      – Purpose: Sending by email of information about products.
      – Legitimation: Your express consent
      – Rights: Access, rectification, deletion, anonymity, portability and oblivion of your data.

      I have read and accept the terms of use and privacy policy.

      Request equal treatment and equal opportunities policy


      Contribution and cooperation
      with society

      Our commitment with society is reflected in our collaboration with NGOs and our membership in associations of the sector.

      Quality Certification: ISO 9001

      We have implemented an externally certified quality management system to establish internal control mechanisms and tools to evaluate the quality of the product and service provided, identifying and developing initiatives for continuous improvement.

      Cooperation with the Educational Community
      We collaborate with different educational centres and institutions to support work experience programs and improve the training of young people.

      Collaboration with the Media
      Our marketing department maintains constant relations with the media to provide the public with information about our activity and development, thus responding to the concerns of society.

      Collaboration with Public Administrations
      We keep an open communication channel with the public authorities to collaborate in specific activities in our community, covering any needs that may arise, such as, for example, carrying out disinfection tasks during the pandemic.

      Collaboration with the Scientific Community
      We cooperate with a wide variety of technology centres and universities with whom we develop innovation projects.

      Cooperation with Sector Associations
      We belong to several sectorial associations with which we develop training or communication activities, among others.


      We care about the planet’s health.

      Environmental Certification: ISO 14001
      Our commitment to protect the planet is embodied in our environmental certification.

      Water Consumption
      We strive for maximum efficiency in all our processes to minimize our energy consumption and its corresponding environmental impact, having managed to reduce our energy consumption to less than 0.03 GJ of energy consumed per ton produced.

      Energy Consumption
      We seek maximum efficiency in all our processes to minimize our energy consumption and its corresponding environmental impact, having managed to reduce our energy consumption to less than 0.03 gj of energy consumed per ton produced.

      Waste Generation
      We currently recycle most of the waste we generate at the plant and have managed to generate less than 0.9 kg of waste per ton produced.

      Human Resources and Occupational Safety

      We generate quality, stable and safe employment, favouring equal treatment and opportunities.

      Employment generated
      Our company generates more than 100 direct jobs, with indirect and induced employment up to over 300 jobs.

      Indefinite contract
      More than 90% of our company’s contracts are permanent, thus generating stable and quality employment.

      Equality plans
      We have a structured an equality plan that includes specific measures to promote equal treatment and opportunities.

      Recruitment of women
      More than 20% of our staff are women, favouring equal treatment and opportunities.

      Conciliation Maternity/Paternity
      We have developed flexible entry and exit hours to promote family conciliation in the event of parenthood.

      Customers and

      We offer you every day more sustainable and efficient products and a higher quality service.

      Legal compliance
      We apply all current regulations corresponding to our products and sector, including REACH and CLP regulations.

      Commitment to product improvement: cost and investment in R+D+I
      Our commitment with product improvement is constant, as evidenced by the many projects we carry out each year.

      Good business practices
      We implement good commercial practices and we take care to fulfil our commitments, which is why we have a documented internal complaint management system.

      Quality management system linked to customer satisfaction
      Our quality management system includes the evaluation of our customers’ satisfaction in order to maintain continuous improvement.

      Product stewardship: product security
      All our products have the corresponding safety information included on the labels and SDS.

      Responsible innovation management: packaging materials, packaging and wrapping
      Our R+D+I projects include continuing to innovate in packaging and bagging to implement measures to reduce our products’ environmental impact, for example by reducing the amount of plastic we use or incorporating recycled and recyclable materials.

      We actively work to improve the accessibility of our products to all members of society, including people with disabilities, which is why we have developed a system of QR codes on our labels through which you can access to explanatory videos of the products, presenting an alternative to the classic written text.


      We respect the entire value chain towards both customers and suppliers.

      Promotion of Local Suppliers
      More than 80% of our purchases are made from national suppliers, around 12% of which are Valencian in order to contribute to the economic development of the geographical area in which we operate.

      Customer Satisfaction Surveys
      Our quality management system includes the evaluation of our customers’ satisfaction in order to be able to respond to their demands for information and also to integrate their social and environmental concerns into our activity and the organization’s decision-making process.

      Voluntary Safety Data Sheets
      All the products we market, both hazardous and non-hazardous, have their corresponding safety data sheet, although this is not legally required, in order to increase the levels of safety and prevention in their use.

      SDG (Sustainable Development Goal)

      Our commitment to the SDGs, set by the UN, is strong and we are working to achieve the global goals of eradicating poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all by 2030.

      We collaborate with the Red Cross and Casa Caridad.

      We collaborate with Casa Caridad. We develop innovative and more efficient products to maximize the crop’s yields.

      We are committed to reduce occupational risks by aiming for zero accidents.

      We collaborate with several training centres and institutions to improve the employability and competitiveness of students.

      We have implemented the policy of equal treatment and opportunities.

      Our production plants have closed circuits to reuse water from our processes. We innovate in our products to minimize their environmental impact and reduce the aquifers pollution.

      Our facilities are equipped with solar panels, which generate all the energy we need to carry out our daily activities.

      We have an innovative character and are committed to R&D&I, which is why we have been able to carry out several projects with the Centre for Technological Development (CDTI).

      We strive for efficiency and sustainability in our daily business. We develop new, more efficient products that reduce the consumption of fertilizers and work to reduce plastic in our packaging.

      We are actively working to develop products that reduce environmental impact. With our INNOVATRIGO project we have achieved a 25% reduction in pollutant gas emissions.

      We are actively working to develop products that reduce the impact on underwater life both by reducing the waste generated to prevent it ending up in the sea and by preventing groundwater pollution.

      Our products are designed to be soil-friendly and preserve biodiversity.

      We collaborate with universities, technology centres and other benchmark public bodies to achieve greater scientifically-based agronomic efficiency.